10000 Women

Audio Production
  • Odessa Mama
  • JingleHell
  • Electronic Dance Track
  • Composition
  • Arrangement
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Track Mix

This is a track that was originally recorded for a charity album that was to feature the work of different Australian electronic music producers.

While the album never eventuated, the finished track was signed to boutique Melbourne record label, Odessa Mama.

From here it was licensed for use in a European fashion series called, The Stylist, which was subsequently broadcast around the world.

As a recording, it was a leviathan effort that took over 80 hours to put together.

While there are drum loops and sound effects a-plenty; nearly all of the melodic instrumental elements were written and performed by me, along with the composition of the main theme which has some serious jazz influences.

The main instrument that’s used throughout the track is a vintage Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Seventy Three electric piano that I picked up somewhat incredibly for $200 in the early 90s at a pawn store in Berkely St, St. Kilda. It’s the same model that Ray Charles plays in Shake A Tailfeather in The Blues Brothers. Even back then I knew it was the bargain of a lifetime as they’re now worth thousands.

The vocal samples came from one of my grandfather’s old vinyl records that was called, How To Live With Yourself… Or… What To Do Until The Psychiatrist Comes, which featured the enigmatic rantings of a pop-psychiatrist from 1950s New York called Dr. Murray Banks.