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Having been a co-founder and committee member of the young members group of the National Gallery of Victoria, I was invited to join a committee for an organisation called Ausimed who were putting together an art auction aimed at raising funds for breast cancer research.

Beyond the broader marketing insights that I brought to the table, I was also commissioned to develop the event branding and associated collateral.

The first requirement was to devise an event name that would capture the essence of the night.

As it was all about aiding the search for a breast cancer cure, The Search Party, was a perfect title as it simultaneously alluded to the social dimension of the event too.

Held at Mossgreen Auction Rooms in High St, Armadale, the guests approaching the venue were guided by industrial search lights that sat on the sidewalk, shining upwards into the darkened clouds above.

Before the auction kicked off upstairs, there was a lavish soire downstairs with delectable catering and tipples which really set the scene for the bidding that followed.

An important part of the mechanical side of the auction was having a website that would allow people to view the collection before the auction, as well as allowing them to access the works during the auction so they could bid remotely.

I designed the website to include the event identity as a masthead, with a clear scrolling area beneath which housed clearly notated images of the artworks.

And with works from artists as significant as John Perceval and John Olsen, right through to works by relative young guns like Yvette Coppersmith and Michelle Hamer, it really was an honour to aid in a search as important as this one!

Ausimed – The Search Party Image