Baileys Ice-Cream Truck Groove

Audio Production
  • Bulla | Diageo
  • Disegno
  • TVC Jingle
  • Composition
  • Production

This is a track that I created for Disegno‘s winning pitch for the Baileys Ice-Cream account.

Even though we didn’t ultimately end up creating a TVC for the campaign, the music helped set the mood and demonstrated our clear understanding of the brand’s tone.

The music was inspired by an idea that I had for a Baileys branded ice-cream truck.

In contrast to the rainbow coloured ice-cream trucks that are aimed squarely at society’s ankle-biters, the Baileys branded ice cream truck was conceived as a dark, sexy, sultry interpretation of the original beach-side classic.

The TVC that I imagined working with this was a Pied-Piper like scenario where the ice-cream truck was roaming the suburbs, drawing young women from their homes, hypnotised by the Baileys ice-cream truck’s dream-like bell melody.

Unlike the music from your typical ice-cream trucks that are overwhelming jubilant affairs, definitely written in a major key, this was based on the blues scale which gave it that darker, more ‘adult’s only’ vibe. The Baileys nightclub on wheels really heats up once the beats drop and the 0.4% alcohol content takes hold 😛