Burning Giraffe Cinema

  • Adrian Elton Design
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Concept
  • Interior Design
  • Illustration
  • Ivan Rijavec Tutor RMIT (Interior Design)

Before I studied Graphic Design at Swinburne, I studied Interior Design at RMIT.

It was an idiosyncratic time before the likes of Google and Photoshop. A time where we were left to our wits and raw talents when it came to illustrating our design concepts.

These hand painted panels were created to present my design of a slightly surreal video lounge.

It was part of a design studio that was run by leading Melbourne architect, Ivan Rijavec, who was one of a small cohort who transformed the act of studying into an exhilarating intellectual pursuit.

At a time when cinema was dominated by shopping mall multiplexes, there weren’t too many spaces where dedicated cinephiles could comfortably gather to enjoy alternative, arthouse films.

The project site was an old warehouse in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. It was the perfect envelope, and perfect location for this kind of bold initiative.

Designed to redefine how we watch films and the social rituals around cinema, a bar at the ground level, for tidbits and tipples before tottering upstairs. The bar was set in front of the back wall of the cinema which was to be used to display contemporary art

The panels were then inset into an old patinaed whitedoor frame.

Burning Giraffe Cinema Image
Burning Giraffe Cinema Image
Burning Giraffe Cinema Image
Burning Giraffe Cinema Image