Burst – Got No Money

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This is the first CD cover that I ever designed.

And as is the way with those that know no better – I rolled up my sleeves and did everything myself.

From the photography – which was shot in an old scout hall in Ormond on a crappy old Minolta Dynax 3xi – to the 3D modelling of the game show set – which was built with some equally ancient animation software.

Of course, the visual theme for the CD came directly from the title, “Got No Money”, which sounded like the ultimate dodgy D-grade celebrity gameshow.

The theme was brought to life with the lurid pink and orange colour palette, together with the retro vintage outfits. Lead singer, Dave O’Brien, even sported one of my father’s 70s ‘chest warmer’ ties which was exhumed from my childhood dress-up box.

The whole brash nature of the artwork suited not only the title, but the quirky, infectious ‘sugar-high’ cacophony of one of Melbourne’s freshest original funk bands of the 90s. To wit, many of Burst’s alumni have gone on to lead distinguished jazz careers.

Burst – Got No Money Image Burst – Got No Money Image Burst – Got No Money Image Burst – Got No Money Image Burst – Got No Money Image