Debitsuccess – Squiggly Line

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Some projects have generous time lines, and others compress the space time continuum.

In this case I had a fortnight to pull together a super complex and multi-faceted campaign.

To meet that kind of deadline was going to call for all hands on deck.

Luckily being on site with Disegno meant that I was able to focus on developing the key concepts, initial mockups and copywriting, while they were able to focus on designing the finished items under my creative direction.

The project kicked off with a meeting in Brisbane with all of the key stake holders. It was a sink or swim situation as we were thrown into the deep end, having to understand the nature and detail of their business, while simultaneously comprehending the advertising challenge that we were going to have to respond to.

Long story short; Debitsuccess, Australia’s largest online biller, had acquired QK technologies which is the software platform used by childcare centres nationally. To take over the online billing component of this software they had to get signed authorities from both the childcare centres and the parents of enrolled children.

The concept that got the green light was the one that incorporated the most direct call-to-action to, “Sign on the squiggly line”. The idea of a squiggly line, locked in perfectly with childcare centres and their armies of crayon wielding munchkins.

All of the parent facing communications were debadged so as to suggest that the request to sign was coming directly from the childcare centres themselves.

Debitsuccess – Squiggly Line Image
Debitsuccess – Squiggly Line Image
Debitsuccess – Squiggly Line Image
Debitsuccess – Squiggly Line Image