Doritos Extreme Makeover

Media Coverage

For many years, the Doritos TVC competition was something of a creative pilgrimage, attracting thousands of starry eyed hopefuls, keen to have a crack.

On this occasion, I made it into the Top 10, with my enigmatic spot which was called, “Extreme Makeover”.

Filmed in one afternoon by the extremely talented Abhijit Chattaraj, the spot introduced the world to my slightly deranged alter-ego, Dr Saul Heffenschteiner.

Due in on the Monday morning, I edited the spot over the weekend including all of the intensive and slightly macabre Photoshop editing.

The spot was aired on a Channel 10 special dedicated to showing off the top entries.

In terms of media coverage it even got included in the incredibly prestigious European advertising journal, Lürzer’s Archive.

With a coupla thousand bucks of prize money too, it wasn’t a bad return on investment.

Doritos Extreme Makeover Image
Doritos Extreme Makeover Image