Grannyflat – Stay Tuned

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This was my last true band – named in honour of my grandparent’s pad in Caulfield – which is where we regularly rehearsed.

Their modest home was in marked contrast to the lavish Labassa mansion where Cassie Gostin photographed us, sitting in the rocking chairs that I’d hired from some of Armadale’s fanciest antique stores.

The front cover featured a shot of my darling, much loved, vintage grandmother, holding my darling, much loved vintage Höfner electric guitar.

Both the Grannyflat logo and the EP colour scheme were inspired by an old Sophie Tucker single from my grandparent’s record collection.

The tracks themselves were recorded upstairs in a warehouse in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, above an idiosyncratic store that sold apparel solutions to unusually tall men. How we even had enough computing power to record and mix these tunes remains a mystery to this day. I say that as it was recorded on a clapped out PC, back at a time when Zip disks were still considered an exotic luxury.

The band plied its trade in funk and groove with lives horns to boot.

You can listen to the tracks on Soundcloud >

Spider Freak

Lady Macbeth

Converse One Star Suede



Grannyflat – Stay Tuned Image Grannyflat – Stay Tuned Image Grannyflat – Stay Tuned Image Grannyflat – Stay Tuned Image Grannyflat – Stay Tuned Image