Hummingbird – EP

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Hummingbird, AKA Amy Grossbard, is as sweet a song bird as you’re ever likely to find.

And her debut EP, produced by legendary Australian producer, Jimi Maroudas, is a tour de force of emotionally raw, yet sonically sophisticated tunes that expands the vocabulary of the contemporary folk music idiom.

After developing a broad sweep of conceptual directions, the final angle that got the green light was a photographic one, featuring Hummingbird shot amidst the cactus garden at the Botanical Gardens. Once in the gardens however, despite the fact that it was a blisteringly hot day, we went a bit nuts, shooting in any nook, cranny or grotto that took our fancy.

As it turned out, the final ‘hero’ shot was a random portrait, taken under a huge and weathered old Moreton Bay Fig Tree, which captured an intensity, tendernesss and fragility that the other shots just didn’t.

That being the case, we abandoned the former concept and built the CD art around this one photo.

Short of some gentle colour grading, Amy was also insistent that we didn’t ‘Photoshop’ her face as she wanted the photography to present her as honestly as the music.

Combined with the simplicity of the Hummingbird identity that I also designed, it really mirrored the earthy tones of the EP’s musical aesthetic.

As Molly would say, “do yourself a favour”, and take a listen!

Hummingbird – Self Titled EP

Hummingbird – EP Image Hummingbird – EP Image Hummingbird – EP Image