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When I was approached to design the website and related collateral for Inlet Beach Apartments in Aireys Inlet, I was struck by how beautiful and luxurious the accomodation was. But it wasn’t beautiful in an ostentatious, dripping with gold and marble, sort of way. It was more the kind of luxury that’s all too often compromised when it comes to going on a local summer holiday, as the expectation has typically been no higher than a shack by the sea.

That insight was the springboard to presenting the information and photography as if it was part of a lifestyle magazine. The kind that would be casually leafed through while relaxing on the beach, or by the pool. This also gave opportunity to design the appropriate graphic cues as well as inserting breezy little statements like, “Life’s a beach”, which gave the website a voice and the brand some personality.

Inlet Beach Apartments Image
Inlet Beach Apartments Image