JG King – Kingsize

Advertising | Radio
  • JG King
  • Disegno
  • Radio Ad - 30 Sec
  • Concept
  • Script

This radio ad was written to dramatise the ‘Kingsize’ print campaign that Disegno developed for JG King.

Given that the key visual was of a giant cardboard box, bursting with $30K worth of building upgrades, the ad pretty much wrote itself.

The significance of the $30K upgrade, was to celebrate JG King’s 30th Anniversary.


JG King – Kingsize

MUS: “We’re Coming Up” instrumental

Bloke: (suddenly and in abject pain)

Ooh… oh my back!

Woman: (witheringly)

Jack… I told you not to move that by yourself…

That box has got $30,000 worth of king-size upgrades in it.

Bathroom, kitchen, electrical, flooring, heating, cooling, and outdoor.

VO: (male)

To celebrate JG King Home’s 30th anniversary, you can choose up to $30,000 worth of ‘King-Size’ upgrades for as little as $10,000. So put your back into it and call 1300 JG King, or visit jgkinghomes.com.au.

JG King. Why upsize, when you can King-Size?