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While I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of having designed CD artwork for some truly talented musicians across a dizzying array of genres, very few have been able to lay claim to an era-defining hit in quite the same way as Josh Abrahams.

From, ‚ÄúTotally Addicted To Bass”, to his soundtrack work on Baz Lurman’s, “Romeo & Juliet”, to his many collaborations with techno godfather, Carl Cox, it was particularly thrilling being commissioned to design the artwork for his EP, “The Swim”.

Offering a more mature and introspective inflection of the electronica that punctuated earlier releases like, “Sweet Distorted Holiday”, this concept was all about weaving a visual narrative around the photo that Josh had taken, years earlier, from a hotel balcony in Ibiza.

With this guiding idea in place it made perfect sense to treat the cover image as an old-school 35mm slide. This also implied rendering Josh’s name as a fond homage to the iconic Kodak logo.

From there it was all about creating the connective tissue of the story, documenting the imagined moment that the photograph was taken. This called for the hire of a classic old Canon SLR, so I could effectively ‘reflect’ the source image over the glassy surface of its convex lens. I also photographed Josh looking down from his own home balcony, holding onto the vintage Canon, looking as though he’d just been captured the hero image from Ibiza.

The EP is available on iTunes so check it out here

Josh Abrahams – The Swim EP


Josh Abrahams – The Swim Image Josh Abrahams – The Swim Image Josh Abrahams – The Swim Image Josh Abrahams – The Swim Image Josh Abrahams – The Swim Image