Audio Production
  • St. Minver
  • JingleHell
  • Brand Music
  • Game Soundtrack
  • Co-Composer
  • Co-Producer
  • Performance
  • Audio Mix
  • Audio Master
  • Michael Burrows Co-Composer | Co-Producer Brand Music

This soundtrack, created for an online computer game called Kurakku, is a great example of the creative freedom enjoyed by producers who routinely draw upon an encyclopaedic sweep of sonic reference points. The significance being that the music can go where it needs to go, so as to tell the story that needs to be told.

In this case, on account of Kurakku’s cheesy, 8-bit, retro-futuristic, animation style, we felt that it really needed music that dovetailed seemlessly with that visual aesthetic.

That led us down a path of using sounds that had been derived from vintage electronic games and retro toy instruments. This really gave the music that anime infused sense of everything ‘plastic-fantastic’. That sensibility was followed right through to the tinny electronic claps, and the comical synsonic tom fills.

The track was further enhanced by the sugar-high dopamine hit of the melody which was suitably addictive.

Interestingly, neither of us had ever dabbled in this kind of electronica before, but this is where our ears led us, and it worked a treat.

Also of note was the fact that our client, St.Minver, was based in Gibraltar, near the tip of Spain.