Make It Mentos

  • Mentos
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • TVC Concept
  • Concept Co-Development
  • Animatic Illustration
  • Taline Malkasian Concept Co-Development

This slightly ridiculous animation concept was created for a TVC competition that Mentos ran many moons ago.

The entire idea was based on a pretty absurd gag that confused the confectionary name, Mentos, with the considerably more creepy, “Men’s toes”.

While such a misunderstanding might be hard to fathom under normal circumstances; where English is a second language, anything is possible.

And when a Triad underling mistakes his boss’s request for some breath mints… well it’s the setup for some comedy gold.

These are some of the key images that I illustrated for the animatic which we submitted. They were hand drawn as outlines, and then scanned and coloured up in Photoshop.

Make It Mentos Image