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Sometimes a rebrand comes with a lot of baggage and little opportunity to do something truly new. Same, same, but not so different.

In this case however, we got to rebuild Momentis from the ground up.

The business, an HR venture, was originally called Mentis, which is the Latin word for ‘mind’. Unfortunately, as it’s been a few generations since Latin was taught in schools, most people had no idea what it meant.

Tasked with the job of developing the business name, we figured that even though Mentis hadn’t resonated strongly, everyone could relate to the idea of something that is “momentous”.

By renaming the business Momentis, we were able to make an authoritative claim about their point of difference, while also capitalising on the equity of their original name. There was the additional meaning of ‘mo’, being shorthand for ‘more’. So they were now delivering on the Mentis promise more than ever.

With the name approved, the next step was to develop the brand positioning that would extrapolate the essence of what they do and stand for.

This was a protracted process with nearly one hundred options considered before “Work. Reimagined.” got the green light. It was chosen as it best captured their heretical reappraisal of the conventional wisdoms of the Human Resources industry.

Proprietary insights and analytics that are the basis for reimagining the way we work.

Momentis – Work. Reimagined. Image
Momentis – Work. Reimagined. Image
Momentis – Work. Reimagined. Image