Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar

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With the lion of Judeah at the very heart of the school’s logo, it made sense to bring the Mt. Scopus lion to life when it came to developing the campaign materials to promote the building of their two new primary schools.

The hero visual of the lion with hard hat was offset by the campaign headline, “Ready to Roar”, which was a formidable claim given that Mt Scopus had just clocked in as Victoria’s number one school for VCE results.

The hard hat was then worn by students who gave their best lion’s roar for the brochure’s back cover.

As we didn’t have any truly resolved 3D renders of the new buildings I dramatised the ‘work in progress’ nature of the supplied drawings by showing them scattered with markers, scale rulers, clutch pencils and erasers. As these were items that I used to use on a daily basis when I was an interior designer, I just scanned them.

The design of the brochure took on quite a personal dimension too, as the archival newspaper article that was included in the artwork was scanned from one of my mother’s childhood photo albums. She was one of the school’s original group of students.

From a design perspective, the receding page format enabled readers to easily navigate to the page of interest before even opening the brochure.

Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar Image
Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar Image
Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar Image
Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar Image
Mt. Scopus – Ready To Roar Image