My Great Ad

Graphic Design | Digital
  • Phillips Marketing
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • Corporate Identity
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Finished Art

This is the splash screen and corporate identity that I designed for My Great Ad.

My Great Ad was a platform that aimed to bring together advertising and the internet, with consumers who were eager to add their two cents worth when it came to creating ads and memes, as well as being part of the broader conversation about the brands that they love.

This was the front-end of a multi-faceted Apple Keynote presentation that I designed and built so the concept could be presented to prospective investors and technology partners.

The identity featured a simplified pencil landing like an arrow in the middle of a target. This related to the idea of advertising that really hits the mark.

The design of the splash screen drew on the iconic television test patterns of the 1950s as a nod to the way that TV was the incumbent technological and communication disruptor. The design of the internal presentation pages followed through with this ‘look & feel’.

My Great Ad Image