netwealth – Brochure

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This project was distinguished process-wise, as it was due at exactly the same time as my wife!

That being the case, I knew it was going to be too dicey to take this project on unassisted – so instead, I drew upon the enormous talents of the in-house design team at Disegno.

As I’m their in-house consulting Creative Strategist, I was able to handle the creative direction and account management for the project, but was freed up from the physical production of the artwork itself.

Design-wise, it was all about producing a super clean and contemporary design that locked into Netwealth’s existing brand vocabulary. From the typography, right through to the iconography, everything was designed to convey the streamlined service that Netwealth provides.

netwealth – Brochure Image
netwealth – Brochure Image
netwealth – Brochure Image