NGV Artbeat

Graphic Design | Corporate ID
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • T-Shirt
  • Concept
  • Hand Cut Stencil
  • Graphic Design
  • Finished Art

As part of the founding committee for NGV Artbeat, I had the privilege of designing the group’s identity, as well as all the related collateral for the many events and parties that we hosted over the 3 years that I was part of the inner sanctum.

Artbeat was the young membership group of the National Gallery of Victoria.

It was created to represent the interests of the 20/30-something professionals who wanted a slightly funkier experience than being part of the overall traditional gallery membership group which had a very senior slant.

The signature exclamation mark, which perfectly summed up the exuberance of the group, was literally hand crafted.

I created it by getting a tooth brush and some black ink which I then spattered onto a blank piece of A4 paper.

I then scanned the page at extremely high resolution and composited the most satisfying splats to create the overall shape.

I then printed it onto A4 sized sticker stock which I then stuck to an A4 piece of plastic film.

Next, I carefully cut out the exclamation mark shape with a surgical scalpel.

Finally, I sprayed up a few blank sheets with some aerosol paint so as to get that proper street-side ‘graf’ aesthetic.

I scanned the best of these which got fine-tuned for use in all of the related finished art applications.

NGV Artbeat Image
NGV Artbeat Image
NGV Artbeat Image