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Overtly Covert is the enigmatic name of an angel investment group that works closely with a priveleged suite of hand picked tech groups from around the world. This portfolio includes the ground breaking (and shaking) wearable speaker system called Woojer.

When it came time to transform Overtly Covert’s intriguing moniker into a corporate identity, I focussed my efforts on bringing that intrigue to life. As such, the idea of the business residing at the gloomy end of a damp, dark city lane seemed to strike a resonant chord. This piece of graphic story-telling was completed by rendering the ‘Overtly’ part of the name as buzzing, hot-pink neon lighting, while the ‘Covert’ part of the name, fluorescent fuses blown, lay barely flickering in the shadows.

It’s also worth noting that this design solution, which is as anthropomorphic and illustrational as it could be, was designed at the height of the ‘flat-design’ revolution. The point being that the design solution was dictated by the story that needed to be told, rather than by the slavish adherence to the established trends of the moment.

Overtly Covert Image
Overtly Covert Image