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While the Adrian Elton Creative* modus operandi is that the work should speak for itself; some projects need to be placed into their proper context if they’re going to make any kind of sense. Pubidome is a case in point.

It all started with a competition that was being run by Jack Links Australia who were calling for punters to submit ideas for the “World’s Greatest Prank”. Entrants had to describe their proposed prank in as much detail as possible, Jack Links would then provide the resources to help execute the winning submission.

Moments after first discovering the competition, there was a rapacious knock at the door. It was a killer idea, standing there in a three-piece suit and fedora, blowing smoke rings in my face. As I coughed and spluttered, furiously clearing the plumes, I had no choice but to invite it and make it comfortable.

The essence of the idea was that most of the other entrants were likely to come back with suggestions for physical pranks. These pranks would likely only ‘dupe’ one person at a time. I figured it would be pretty cool, by contrast, if you could prank a lot of people simultaneously. Thus the idea of running a very real ad campaign for a completely fictional product.

Keeping in mind the sensibilities of the Jack Links target market – young 20 something Aussie blokes, who are defined by their relationships with their mates – the idea of subverting classic hair loss ads with the ridiculous suggestion that the tragedy of hair loss could be countered by replacing the lost tresses with relocated pubes, found immediate favour. Capped off with the equally ridiculous product name, Pubidome, the win was all but guaranteed.

The campaign included restroom advertising, an online promotional video, a micro site, and a radio ad that played across a raft of stations including Nova.

While the artwork was developed by Jack Link’s ad agency, as the Pubidome inventor, I directed all of their activity so as to make sure it was all ‘on-brand’. I also penned all of the associated copywriting.

Even though the campaign was ‘pulled’ within 24 hours of launching (on account of the predictable complaints), it still spread like wild fire, generating furious global debate online as to whether or not it was a real product. These discussions went as far as radio stations in the US.

Pubidome Image
Pubidome Image
Pubidome Image
Pubidome Image