Pubidome – Radio

Advertising | Radio
  • Jack Links
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • Merchantwise
  • Radio Ad - 30 sec
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Soundtrack Production
  • Voice Over Performance
  • Petros Georgiades Audio Engineer PetroPhonics

This was the radio ad that accompanied the Pubidome advertising campaign.

And in keeping with the rest of the campaign, it was mired in controversy.

To wit, this is the second recorded version of the spot. I say the second, as the first version was rejected by Nova FM, who determined that they couldn’t broadcast a radio ad with the word Pubidome in it, as that was far too risqué for the delicate sensibilities of their listeners.

Not one to be thrown by a curve-ball, I turned the not insignificant dilemma of not being able to mention the product name into the beating heart of the new and improved ‘Mark II’ version of the ad.

The ad was recorded at PetroPhonics by Petros Georgiades and constitutes one of the only times that I’ve been the ‘Voice Over’ talent on a spot – this time in my capacity as everyone’s favourite medical huckster, Dr. Heffenschteiner.

The background music was a cut-down version of the original soundtrack that I composed and recorded for the Pubidome video.

Pubidome – Radio Ad

MUS: Original Pubidome instrumental soundtrack

VO: (Dr Heffenschteiner)

Are you losing hair?

Is your head smooth and shiny as a bowling ball?

My name is Dr. Heffenschteiner and I have developed a breakthrough in hair transplant therapy that is so controversial, we can’t even tell you what it’s called, nor where the hair comes from.

What we can tell you however, is that you will look younger and infinitely more attractive.

So to find out how this mystery procedure can change your life for the better, visit “we can’t even tell you what it’s called dot com dot au”.