Media Coverage

It’s rare that one truly has the platform to let the freak-flag fly high.

Pubidome was one such opportunity.

As the winning entry to the Jack Links World’s Greatest Prank competition, my absurd campaign for a fictional hair replacement therapy product called, Pubidome, not only garnered media coverage from the likes of Campaign Brief, but also sparked furious debate around the world as punters tried to determine whether or not it was actually real. A cursory Google of Pubidome brings up page after page of entries including links to Reddit threads which show these exchanges in their full glory. There was even debate on US college radio as to whether or not it was bonafide.

And consider that all of this happened within the first 24 hours of the campaign going live.

Sadly for all of the balding blokes out there, 24 hours was all it got, as a litany of complaints from those too puritanical to get the joke, forced Jack Links America to unceremoniously pull the plug, just like a wiry, errant pube 😛

Pubidome Image
Pubidome Image