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One of the things that keeps corporate identity design invigorating for me is the fact that there is no cookie cutter process.

Sometimes an organisation’s essence will be most effectively expressed through the use of overt iconography, or illustrated elements. And sometimes – as was the case with The Brighton Savoy – the identity was best expressed through typography alone.

I was approached to redevelop the hotel’s brand as the original identity, nearly 40 years on, was looking more like the kind of logo that you’d expect to find on a 2-star motel on the Pacific Highway. This of course was completely at odds with the kind of boutique luxury that they wanted to communicate to their corporate and function clientele.

A broad exploration led to the final execution, which together with the subdued metallic Pantone colours, pointed towards a far more appropriate, sophisticated elegance.

This was rolled out across everything from signage to brochures and advertising.

The Brighton Savoy Image
The Brighton Savoy Image
The Brighton Savoy Image
The Brighton Savoy Image
The Brighton Savoy Image