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This project might have assumed the form of an AO sized poster – but it was so much bigger.

The concept, developed together with David Wasserman from Sydney hospitality PR specialists, Wasamedia, and Jo Corrigan from The Commoner, involved a year long, bi-monthly programme, themed around different films, geared to show off the prodigious talents of the Commoner kitchen and their lovingly sourced produce.

Between the pithy puns and punking the original movie posters, it was one of those classic projects that designers dream about. From matching the filmic fonts, to tweaking the iconic artwork, it was a project that really called upon the full gammut of my creative abilities.

And of course, we then framed the lot, doffing our hats to the Astor Cinema and their much loved film schedule posters.

Once printed and distributed, the poster literally blew up on social media with a far ranging slew of effusive tweets and posts; while also generating considerable coverage in the local newspapers.

To wit, an uncommon degree of creativity really helped to put The Commoner on the map.

The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image
The Commoner Image