There’s Something Abbott Tony

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Not including my wedding day, or the birth of my children, I’d count the day that Tony got booted out of office, as among my sweetest.

And in the years since, the schadenfreude has only intensified as the village idiot has continued thrashing about, like a decapitated chook, incapable of absorbing the inconvenient truth of his epic fail.

From his ‘Tone’-deaf sloganeering, to his obnoxious ‘Captain’s Calls’, Toned-Abs didn’t so much lower the tone of political discourse in this country, as kick the bottom out of any pretence of civility, or the notion that there was any need to service a broader range of interests than the imperatives of a hyper-conservative cabal of coal mining magnates.

Over the years of his regrettable rise and spectacular fall, he inadvertently provided a spoil of material for those of us who would creatively protest his heartless and vapid political modus operandi.

These are some of my favourite memes, created in moments of sheer exasperation and disbelief, as Tony wedged his foot into his mouth, time and time again, blazing a trail of destruction that would only be trumped a few years later by a certain feline grabbing commander-in-grief 🙁

There’s Something Abbott Tony Image
There’s Something Abbott Tony Image