When You’re Free

Audio Production
  • Original Rock Song
  • Nick Karasavvidis Drums Karaland Studios
  • Doug Brady Mix Engineer Brady Music
  • Steve Rooke Mastering Engineer Abbey Road Studios

Even though this wasn’t a commission, I include it here, as from an audio production perspective it’s probably the most ambitious thing that I’ve ever recorded, taking me all the way from my childhood bedroom in Malvern East, to the hallowed Abbey Road Studios in London.

The track was written in anticipation of the summer music festival scene and was sonically inspired by The Beatles psychedelic period, including every trick in the Beatle book from sitars to tablas to reverse guitars and a million and one harmonies. It even includes a John Lennon-esque chorus contrasted by a Paul McCartney-esque style verse. It also makes tounge in cheek reference to All You Need Is Love with an inverted ‘Love Is All You Need’ refrain.

I performed all of the instrumentation and vocals except for the live drums which were performed and tracked at Karaland Studios by the inimitable Nick Karasavvidis.

It was mixed by Doug Brady at Brady Music in Abbotsford, Melbourne, which was incredible as Doug has mixed everyone from David Bowie to Split Enz.

It was finally mastered at Abbey Road Studios in St John’s Wood, London in late March 2013 by their senior mastering engineer, Steve Rooke, who has a CV that would make your head spin. Of note Steve mastered The Beatles Anthologies and Let It Be Naked.

As you can imagine, it was a profound privilege to master something so inspired by The Beatles, not only at Abbey Road, but with someone who has actively worked on so many Beatles and Paul McCartney related projects.

While there, I was taken on an abbreviated tour and stood mere metres away from the Challen piano in Studio 3 that was played on The Beatle’s Paperback Writer and Tomorrow Never Knows. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon was also recorded in Studio 3 so it was a surreal and sublime experience to be there.

The song was was a top 10 finalist in the 2013 Australian Songwriting Association‘s Song Writing Awards.

When You’re Free Image
When You’re Free Image