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Where there’s a WIL, there’s a way.

WIL was the ambitious debut feature by Australian director, Jeremy Weinstein.

Starring Matthew Dyktynski as Wil Schindel, and Australian theatrical stalwart, Max Gillies, as the therapist, the film takes place in the confines of an elevator, which is a metaphorical approximation of Wil’s head. The drama revolving around the philosophical ramifications of an unexpected job offer.

By the time I was approached to develop the key art, the film was in the can, and the hero was out of the country, so unavailable for our photoshoot. This meant that we had to opt for a different kind of headshot. As it turned out this wasn’t a problem as the approved concept featured an elevator in the place of Matthew’s head.

With Jeremy’s cousin, performance artist, Jonno Katz, standing in as a body double, we shot every element of the poster, including the Georgian elevator which was found in a small, musty library in the city. Even the elevator buttons that were used in the poster’s title-block hailed from the lobby of my then South Yarra based studio.

WIL Image
WIL Image