Yidcore – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof

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When I was commissioned to produce the artwork for Yidcore’s truly epic punk re-imagining of, Fiddler On The Roof, I figured that the only way to properly proceed was to pay fealty to the artwork of the original Broadway production by way of replacing one fiddler with another.

While some may have resorted to the use of stock paint textures to have accomplished the task at hand, I felt a moral imperative to mirror the passion and authenticity of the recording itself, and so chose to do things the hard way. The punk way.

With that decided on, I got out me trusty HB and 2B pencils, dusted off the old gouache paint set, and painting it from scratch.

The only conceit to comfort and civility was painting it at twice the final scale so as to be able to fill in the fine detail without going blind.

There was also much amusement punking the iconic His Masters Voice ‘pooch & phonograph’ marque, by drawing a detailed ink study of Neve, record producer, Craig Harnath’s sharpei, getting stuck into a giant ice cream that replaced the original phonograph horn.

Yidcore – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof Image
Yidcore – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof Image
Yidcore – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof Image
Yidcore – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof Image