Baileys Ice Cream

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For the longest time, Baileys devotees have been dousing their ice cream with the sweet and sticky stuff. And let’s face it, it’s a match made in heaven. Delicious meet delicious. Now get a room.

Luckily someone in the corridors of power decided that it was about time to make an honest pair out of these star crossed lovers. And so Baileys Ice Cream was born.

It was our extreme privilege to be charged with the task of developing the launch campaign materials, and sharing this exciting news with Australian Baileys and ice cream enthusiasts.

The campaign was specifically targeted at women in the 20-40-something demographic, and our task was to dramatise the product being enjoyed in the context of a glamorous social occasion. This in turn mirroring the sophistication of Baileys liqueur. While we explored many different creative avenues, “Best Served With Friends”, said it best.

And just so you know, there were meetings where we got to sit around boardroom tables, sampling the different flavours. #toughjob

Baileys Ice Cream Image
Baileys Ice Cream Image