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Having spent three years working as the consulting Creative Strategist for leading brand agency, Disegno, it was astonishing to see the constant churn of food brands from one multi-national group to another. That being the case, it was incredibly heartening to see Vegemite returned to Australian hands following its recent acquisition by Bega.

While most of us think of Bega and think of their iconic cheese products, the group represents a far broader suite of food products which go well beyond the dairy aisle.

To that end, Bega have just launched a new website that showcases the range of products that they offer to the food service industry.

So for any hospitality business that needs to buy these items for use in commercial kitchens, this is effectively a portal to the Bega product range.

While the product descriptions on a website like this would typically lean towards the incredibly dry and informative, Bega were keen to inject some personality into the introductory blurbs, which in turn was a green light for me to get out the spice rack and really add some flavour!

Bega – Food Service Website Image