Bialik – Be Your Best

Advertising | Art Direction
  • Bialik College
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • Press Ads
  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Finished Art
  • Joseph Feil Photography Blue Tree Studios

When I was originally invited to pitch for the Bialik advertising account, I threw a curve ball by proposing a new brand positioning for the college which turned out to be an instant winner. I won the account and the positioning was immediately adopted and has since become the college’s mantra.

The reason it worked so powerfully was because it captured the college’s philosophical point of difference in three simple words. While the college consistently appears in Victoria’s top 5 schools, they aren’t driven by meaningless competitive posturing. Rather, they’re all about fostering an environment that allows students to discover and reach their potential, regardless of their interests or academic orientation. On account of the alliteration, the positioning also conferred an ownability that made for an unambiguously Bialik sentiment.

With the postioning in place, the related campaign pretty much wrote itself. The headlines were amplified with Joseph Feil’s intimate photographic portraits which helped to personalise the message by making the students the campaign’s focus.

Bialik – Be Your Best Image
Bialik – Be Your Best Image
Bialik – Be Your Best Image
Bialik – Be Your Best Image
Bialik – Be Your Best Image