Bialik – Primary School Campaign

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Having recently completed an extensive renovation and remodelling of the main primary school building, Bialik wanted to run an ad campaign to promote the new primary school, drawing special attention to its progressive offering.

While the campaign ran extensively in the Australian Jewish News, it was also the first time the school had used AdShels, the posters being displayed at tram and bus stops in Caulfield, which is the epicentre of Melbourne’s Jewish community.

From a conceptual point of view it was a tricky campaign in that we had to juggle a number of messages.

Firstly, we had to visually flag the new primary school by showing it off in some way. This was a challenge however as we didn’t have the visual focal point of an iconic, new building exterior. As such, we chose one of the interstitial spaces which was a nodal point between classrooms that gave a sense of the contemporary design, as well as highlighting the dynamic, sweeping interior roofline.

Secondly, we had to flag a school that is at the forefront of incorporating advanced methodologies and technologies. As advertising is about summarising complex realities into easily absorbed messages, the simplest way to invoke this world of futuristic technology was to show a student wearing a virtual reality headset.

This was taken to the next level by tying it all together with the bolshy headline, “For potential that’s virtually unlimited”.

And as Bialik is consistently one of the top performing schools in the state of Victoria, the prospect of students reaching their potential, and being their best, is virtually guaranteed.

The campaign generated such a positive response that the artwork was then repurposed to advertise the Bialik Open Day.

Bialik – Primary School Campaign Image
Bialik – Primary School Campaign Image
Bialik – Primary School Campaign Image
Bialik – Primary School Campaign Image