Brexit Through The Gift Shop

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Who here can honestly say that they haven’t found themselves, at one time or another, sprawled out on a psychotherapist’s chaise-lounge, recalling the time that they were the British prime minister, before suddenly finding that the keys to Downing Street no longer worked? Talk about egg on face!

As I’m sure will become painfully apparent over the next few years, Brexit is not going to be the magical ‘reset’ button that reinstates a utopian sovereignty. Even the most conservative analysis points towards it being more of a flusher that will suck Britain down the proverbial shitter into a brown-hole.

The economic devastation is going to be unfathomable as the UK pushes many of their biggest trading partners even further away.

It is indeed a rare and bizarre thing to witness a first world, global leader inflicting an entirely avoidable, self inflicted wound, of inter continental dimension.

As a general rule, receding into insular, tribal fifedoms is never the way forward.

Brexit Through The Gift Shop Image
Brexit Through The Gift Shop Image
Brexit Through The Gift Shop Image