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Having newly designed the Brighton Savoy identity and the first phase of collateral, the next items that needed creating were two presentation folders that could be sent out to prospective corporate and wedding clients. The folders needed to present the hotel as smart, savvy and super-stylish.

Included here is the folder that I designed for the corporate clients, selected as I also took the hero shot that features on the front cover.

This involved standing behind the camera for many hours, waiting until the sun was hitting the skyscrapers at just the right angle, with just the right intensity. The shot was given additional drama by picking out the famous Brighton beach boxes in muted colour, while treating the rest of the image as a duotone. Printed with metallic Pantone inks, it made for a striking piece of branded imagery.

Between the custom die-cut and the mix of metallic and CMYK ink plates, it was one of the most complex print jobs that I’ve ever run. The complexity such that it nearly ended in disaster when the printer initially ran the darker metallic ink beneath the lighter one, resulting in a very muddy end product. Through equal parts charm, guile, and menace, I convinced the printer to run it again. Second time round, they nailed it.


Brighton Savoy – Folder Image
Brighton Savoy – Folder Image
Brighton Savoy – Folder Image
Brighton Savoy – Folder Image