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More often than not, an organisation will already have a name in place by the time they get around to worrying about their branding.

If it’s a strong name, then happy times. We can move from strength to strength.

But if it’s a weak or indistinct name, then all of the other elements end up having to do the heavy lifting.

Which is why, in the best case scenario, we get to develop your business or product name, from the ground up.

A great name, like a great logo, sums up the essence of a product or organisation in a way that is eminently sticky.

In the case of a name, it is often a linguistic hook that appeals to the ear, or else plays to the eye, that can make your name unforgettable.

If this can also be combined with words that convey unambiguous meaning, then congratulations, you’ve won the name-game.

Beyond this there are also the many practical challenges associated with securing a name if it is to enjoy all of the recommended protections.

From the surprisingly vexing process of finding available web domain names, to making sure that the proposed names don’t contravene existing trademarks or business names.

And that’s what’s in a name.

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