Denali – Mountain Molehill

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Anaconda is Australia’s largest big-box retailer of outdoor adventure equipment and apparel.

In addition to stocking many of the leading outdoor brands, Anaconda have a number of private label house brands, including Denali, which badges everything from sleeping bags to hydration packs.

Having designed the Denali identity I had a level of client access that meant I was able to proactively pitch material that fell beyond the briefed work.

In this case I had a very powerful advertising concept that went straight to the heart of Denali.

Put simply, for those who are truly passionate about outdoor adventure, the mundanity of day-to-day living is a state to be endured until the next opportunity arises to get the adrenalin rush of connecting with nature.

For anyone with this outlook, the only mountains that seem insurmountable are the mountains of laundry, dishes or paperwork.

This thought was anchored by the line, “Gear for high achievers” which was a nice nod to those adventurous enough to scale mountains.

While the client absolutely loved the concept, the campaign was ultimately shelved as they never intended to advertise individual brands outside of their inclusion in the direct mail catalogues.

Regardless, showing this kind of initiative builds great rapport with clients who are incredibly appreciative to be working with an agency that is dedicated to the success of their brand and business.

Denali – Mountain Molehill Image
Denali – Mountain Molehill Image
Denali – Mountain Molehill Image