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These are the hero images for a campaign that I developed for Lander & Rogers Lawyers.

The aim of the campaign was to attract talented law school graduates to apply to the firm’s graduate programme.

The hero images featured real Lander & Rogers graduates sailing through the air on snowboards which dramatised the headline, “Land on your feet”.

The headline simultaneously characterised the promise of what a clerkship position would mean for the fortunate applicants, while mirroring the group’s name, making for an incredibly distinct and ownable positioning.

Of course creating these images was a little more complex than just dropping the graduates from the sky and capturing the moment.

First up, we snapped some background plates of the city streetscape and lobby space of the building where Landers & Rogers is based.

Then in a bid to make sure that the snowboard decals locked in perfectly with the client’s colour palette, we custom made the skins. While we could have ‘Photoshopped’ this detail, I wanted the reality of how the light hit the boards to be completely consistent with the lighting of the graduates.

The rest of the shoot then took place in Lynton Crabb’s photography studio where we sat Edward and Emily on the edge of tall white plinths so we could shoot them on an elevated angle which matched the background plates.

The images were then composited and the white blocks edited out.

We also got a lot of other poses which meant that we had related imagery to use across the brochureware and online assets.

The campaign worked so well for Lander & Rogers that they ran with it for five years.

Landers & Rogers Image
Landers & Rogers Image