Mercedes – In A Class Of Its Own

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To be in a class of your own, is to really be living the dream.

From all of the spoils and rewards that such ascension implies, through to the respect, and admiration of one’s peers, it’s a rarefied place to be.

Similarly, to own the most sort after possessions, is to not only enjoy the luxury and amenity that they confer, but to also bask in the reflected glory.

Noticing that the words ‘a class’ are literally a constituent part of the Mercedes A-Class moniker, it got me thinking about the fact that Mercedes is well and truly in a class of its own. And this is where the seed of this unbriefed campaign was born.

From a story telling perspective, I thought this could be strongly dramatised by showcasing other iconic products which are the gold standard in their respective realms. Whether it be Mies van der Rohe’s 1929 Bauhaus Chair, or Leo Fender’s 1954 Stratocaster.

This seemed to be far more engaging way of making the point than just featuring hero photography of the interior detailing.

Mercedes – In A Class Of Its Own Image
Mercedes – In A Class Of Its Own Image
Mercedes – In A Class Of Its Own Image