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This is a recent ad campaign that I created with Mkt for online stationary heavyweight, OfficeMax.

While they are the preferred supplier for many Australian schools, there is no obligation for parents to buy their children’s books through them.

In this case, OfficeMax wanted a pre-Christmas campaign that would encourage parents to sort their booklist requirements for the upcoming year, ahead of the completion of the current school year.

Even though many directions were explored, it was this one that found immediate favour.

While the headline is a little longer than usual, it really captured the essence of the joyless tasks that we’d rather forget about. It related this back to the idea that if you get their booklist sorted now, you can really enjoy your summer holidays, without it hanging over you.

The visual expression of this idea was self evident to me. A pile of books hanging over the head of a parent, casting an ominous shadow, as they try to enjoy playing with their kid.

While we didn’t have the budget or timeline to allow us to shoot this from scratch, we were able to find a number of suitable stock shots which we were able to integrate with a 3D model of a pile of books that we rotated to match the lighting and angle of each shot. The books were coloured to pick up on the colours of the rubber-bands in the OfficeMax identity.

OfficeMax – Booklist Image
OfficeMax – Booklist Image
OfficeMax – Booklist Image
OfficeMax – Booklist Image