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Sometimes it’s the most unlikely projects that ‘blow-up’, sparking international attention and the attendant media frenzy.

This project got its start when my good friend and accomplice, Grant Richard Krupp, facebook messaged me to ask whether I’d seen that infamous adult website, Pornhub, was running an advertising competition. Of course, being a shy and virginal farmboy, I had no idea what this ‘porn’ thing was that he spoke of.

After he filled me in – no, not like that you filthy beasts – it became abundantly clear that we had to give it a shot. The only problem was that it was 5pm and the competition submissions were due the following morning.

This called for a meeting of like minds. So we pulled out the big guns, deploying the third node in our axis of evil, the inimitable, creative chameleon, Adam Krongold. Under the cover of still broad daylight, we met at a little bar in the back streets of Windsor, so as to strategise, drink mead and eat the tasty things. Oh how we laffed, as we turned our expansive minds to the briefed task of devising a ‘Safe-For-Work’ campaign for the very ‘Not-Safe-For-Work’ topic that is prawnography.

Rough thumbnails sketched – I raced home to ‘Mac’ up our concepts so they’d be ready for submission the next morning. It was an all nighter – but oh how the wee hours flew whilst pulling together this cavalcade of hilarity.

The long and short of it was that from among thousands of submissions, entered around the world, we cracked the top 15, the only Australian submission to reach Porn-Tzar status.

To that end, it was probably a blessing in disguise that we didn’t win as we weren’t quite sure how we were going to split the prize of becoming Pornhub’s Creative Director. It also meant that we didn’t have to grapple with the far more thorny/porny question of the ethics associated with literally getting into bed with these real world titans of titilation. After all, our singular motivation was to unleash our creativity. Nothing more. Nothing less.

To see a snapshot of the mass media our entry generated, please visit the ‘Media Coverage’ section of this website.

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