Qantas – A Screen For Every Passenger

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Even nowadays, having a screen in the back of an economy airline seat is far from guaranteed.

So when Qantas added this little luxury as a standard inclusion for all of their economy passengers, it got me thinking about how we could dramatise that benefit in a campaign.

On this occasion, I collaborated with Lisa Cox who was my copywriter at Spinach. And as was our want, we often mocked up unbriefed ad concepts if something appealing occurred to us.

In this case, we figured that the key advantage of having your own screen was that you no longer had to spend your valuable flight time making awkward conversation with the ‘random’ sitting next to you. By contrast, you could be doing lunch with Steven Spielberg. Or sleeping with Cameron Diaz.

We even translated the print concepts into storyboarded TVCs.

The first in this series featured an opening shot of Brad Pitt yawning in bed. The shot is a cropped closeup. We then cut to a similar cropped closeup of a woman also yawning and rubbing her eyes. The viewer is left to conclude that they are a couple who are in bed together. In the next shot we pull back to see that this same woman is actually sitting back and yawning in her Qantas economy class seat, while Brad Pitt gets comfy on his pillow, as seen on the screen that is prominently positioned in the back of the seat in front of her. The camera swivels and zooms-in on the screen as the super appears, “Wake up with Brad Pitt”. The Voice Over chimes in, “A screen for every passenger. Now showing in economy class”.

Qantas – A Screen For Every Passenger Image
Qantas – A Screen For Every Passenger Image