Seven Grams Coffee Bag

Graphic Design | Packaging
  • Seven Grams Coffee
  • Adrian Elton Creative*
  • Coffee Bag
  • Concept
  • Graphic Design
  • Finished Art
  • Grant Richard Krupp Concept Co-Development

“There’s nothing like a steaming hot cup of coffee from your local 7 Eleven or Maccas”, are words I have never once uttered. In fact I feel quite dirty having even thought them.

As an unapologetic coffee snob it was a thrill being commissioned to develop the identity, positioning and subsequent packaging for local corporate coffee stars, 7 Grams Coffee.

While we could have conducted an exhaustive audit of what everyone else is doing in coffee-town, a super-strong and original positioning that related to their primary role, supplying quality coffee to the business community, meant that we were in new territory that had nothing to do with the ‘same-old-same-old’ category cues and iconography.

Seven Grams Coffee Bag Image
Seven Grams Coffee Bag Image
Seven Grams Coffee Bag Image