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Regardless of whether you refer to them as “taglines”, “brand positionings”, or, “sign-offs”, they can play a critical role in establishing and clarifying the purpose and personality, of an organisation, venture or product.

These crisp little phrases are the polar opposite of mealy mouthed corporate mission statements which are typically vague as they are impenetrable.

Indeed, taglines are the last word in the economic deployment of language, allowing organisations to say a great deal, with very little.

Done right – it’s corporate poetry.

Done right – it’s a springboard for all marketing activity.

Done right – it’s a lens that focuses a brand with incredible precision.

These are some of the taglines that I’ve developed for a variety of businesses.

From alliteration and all things punny, to playing it straight as a line – ultimately there are no rules. Just the intention to craft a line that is as memorable as it is communicative.

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