The Ultimate Status Update

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JG King Homes are one of Victoria’s biggest developers.

With a 30 year history building exclusively with Bluescope steel frames, the Ballarat based juggernaut have spent the last few years establishing a competitive presence in the metropolitan Melbourne market.

Disegno have been a big part of that journey as we’ve developed all of the associated advertising campaigns across print, TV, radio and online.

In this case, JG King had developed a collection of homes aimed at first home buyers and first time investors.

Our starting point was developing an appealing and suitably aspirational name for this collection.

“Up” seemed to tick all of the boxes and was a fantastic springboard for the related creative.

The campaign positioning, “The ultimate status update”, was reflective of the way that we increasingly share so much of our lives online, with key milestones being the ultimate ‘click magnets’.

Indeed, short of a birth or a wedding; buying a first home is right up there with the things that we most love to celebrate.

Interestingly, I originally came up with “the ultimate status update” line a few years earlier when I was day dreaming about ads I’d like to make. At that point I was thinking about how well it would work as a headline for a luxury car marque like Porsche or Mercedes.

While I don’t typically ‘land-bank’ pithy headlines – in this case it suited the JG King “Up” campaign perfectly.

The Ultimate Status Update Image
The Ultimate Status Update Image
The Ultimate Status Update Image
The Ultimate Status Update Image