We’re All Joined

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  • Darcy Prendergast Light Painting Oh Yeah Wow

The Joint is a Jewish humanitarian organisation, that most significantly, facilitated the escape of tens of thousands of Jewish survivors from war torn Europe following the atrocities of the Holocaust.

While these days they’re often first responders when global catastrophes strike – their key focus remains the provision of relief and support to impoverished and persecuted Jewish communities who are living in hostile regions around the world.

Even though they’ve operated internationally for nearly a century, it wasn’t until very recently that they established a formal presence in Australia.

To assist with their launch, Adrian Elton Creative* was engaged to develop an eye-catching campaign to help re-introduce them to the Australian Jewish community.

Part of the challenge lay in devising a concept that would inspire the local Jewish community to rally around the critical work that they do.

“We’re all joined”, seemed to say it all by speaking to the fact that there are only a few degrees of separation between Jews around the world. This is directly attributable to the many waves of emigration.

The headline was also reinforced by the bold and iconic image of the globe being circumnavigated by streaks of blurred light, crosshatching the planet and making up a giant, glowing ‘Star of David’.

While the image was ultimately composited in Photoshop, the streaks of light were physically ‘drawn’ in a pitch-black warehouse and photographed, one by one, by the awe-inspiring wunderkind, Darcy Prendergast, and the team from “Oh Yeah Wow”. The process is called ‘light painting’.

I also designed the new ‘Joint Australia’ identity which I built up from one of the candle flames borrowed from the original JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) logo.



We’re All Joined Image
We’re All Joined Image