Yarra Valley Water Ad

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While it’s always nice to be the bearer of good news – sometimes we have to find creative and compelling ways to deliver news that isn’t so great.

For most consumers, a water rate price rise wouldn’t normally be a cause for celebration.

So when Yarra Valley Water briefed us on this mission critical project we knew that our work was really cut out for us.

Adding to the project’s already complex criteria was the fact that the campaign needed to also be readily understood by the many non-English speaking customers living in the Yarra Valley catchment area.

As such, the clearest way that we were able to show that water prices were going up, was to literally show water defying gravity, arcing upwards, and out of the tap faucet. With the image doing the heavy lifting, we were able to keep the rest of the language very simple and to the point.

Yarra Valley Water Ad Image
Yarra Valley Water Ad Image